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    Have a look at the storage systems. Original and modern closets and bookstands. Click 'more' to see more photos.

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    Windows - Designed by Clifton Interiors Graham Gaunt Photography.

    "My favorite journey is looking out the window" ~ Edward Gorey


    Our historic doors are made to order. Created to match an existing style. They comes as single and slim line glazed with stylish, elegant glass elements and glazing bars. We want them to keep they amazing, classy, slim style.

    Traditional doors are destined to buildings where double glazing is allowed, anyway you would like to keep the stylish look of your old doors. They provide you with better insulation.

    Modern doors have different look. They are designed to be original, unique and energy- efficient.
    Doors same like windows provide our homes with light, warmth and ventilation. Thanks to energy-efficient doors you can reduce energy costs.

    Bespoke furniture

    'furniture must have a personality, as well as be beautiful' - Rose Tarlow

    ...because every house is different and unique, we aim to match the furniture to them perfectly. Combined with style, taste and technical solutions we create amazing fitted furniture.

    Thanks to our experienced team of highly skilled craftsmen we are happy to provide you with beautifully designed bedroom, living room, reception, bathroom, dressing room, home office and hallway.

    It's always a pleasure to know your preferences and make a project that meets your expectations and brings our ideas to life.

    With heads full of interesting and unique furniture ideas, we are proud to provide you not only with great looking but also handy furniture for your home.

    However if you got ready ideas, remember that one of the biggest advantage of bespoke joinery is you can have exactly what you wish for.

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    Kitchen worktop
    Category: Kitchen

    Modern kitchen worktop. Click 'more' to see additional photos.

    Front doors
    Category: Front

    A set of front doors. Click 'more' to see additional photos.

    Bay Casement Widows
    Category: Casement

    Set of casement windows. Click 'more' to see more photos.

    Bar elevation
    Category: French

    Bar elevation.

    Modern Bedroom
    Category: Bedroom

    One of our latest works regarding modern bedroom. 

    Designed by Clifton Interiors Graham Gaunt Photography.
    Category: Bedroom

    See the beautifully designed cosy bedroom. Click 'more' to see more photos.

    Internal Doors

    • Internal plain doors
    • Plain veneer doors
    • Invisible hinges
    • Panelled doors
    • Glazed doors
    • Double doors
    • Sliding doors
    • Folding doors
    • Fire doors